• Internet Browser
Languages Used:
  • HTML
Software tools used:
  • TextWrangler
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
Technologies and concepts used:
  • Google Apps for Work
  • IMAP email
  • Documentation
Google Apps For Work affords extensive collabortation tools to groups.
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During my time as System Administrator at Central Coop, it became necessary for the Board of Trustees to have their own private system of communication and collaboration. After doing some research and comparing other similar services, we found Google Apps to be the most robust and secure option for our users.

Using Google Apps is similar to how individuals use Google for themselves- mail, calendars, Google Drive, etc. - except it is closed off and secured from the rest of the world.

Lessons learned and obstacles overcome

As administrator of the system, it was up to me to code the intranet website, configure email, configure shared calendars, and set up Google Drive. It was also my responsibility to create and delete user accounts and make sure permissions were restricted to the correct groups. Finally, to on-board users and create a generally easy experience, I created documentation for the system.

Completing this project taught me a lot of things. It gave me the experience of collaborating with the Board secretary to achieve just the right look and functionality of the website. I was also able to refine my HTML and photoshop skills in the process.

In order to introduce the system to the board, show them how to sign in and use the system, and describe the steps necessary to connect to their accounts from their devices, I needed to produce a good bit of documentation. Steps were taken to make the documentation simple enough for even the most novice computer user to understand.

All in all, the implementation of this intranet site and tools was well-received. It was integral to operations and used heavily by the Board of Trustees. The system was used at least all the way until my departure from the company.