• Internet Browser
Languages Used:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
Software tools used:
  • Coda
  • Adobe Photoshop
Technologies and concepts used:
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive Design
External links:
The sharp lines and contrasting colors give this website the feeling of newness and innovation. Bootstrap was used to create the various sections.  PHP was used on the back end of the contact form. The responsive Bootstrap design creates an exquisite experience on mobile devices.
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After establishing Big Smash Software, LLC., in June, 2016, I knew I needed to create a website for people to learn more about the company.

The website relies on Bootstrap for a beautiful and streamlined layout and a gorgeous-looking navigation bar. Whether viewed on a small or large screen, the website is sure to look well-organized and elegant. Its contact form capabilities are backed by a PHP script that validates and sends custom form data via email. Finally, Photoshop was used to create the front-page splash screen, which is comprised of custom fonts and clip art.

All of these things combined make my most favored web design in my portfolio yet, and really helps to bring my LLC into the spotlight in the best manner possible.