• iOS 9.0 and above
  • iPhone 5 and newer
Languages Used:
  • Swift 2.3
Software tools used:
  • XCode 8
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
Technologies and concepts used:
  • Core Data
  • UI Kit
  • Cocoapods
  • Charts 3rd Party Framework
External links:
The My Aquariums screen. The Add Aquarium screen. The Inhabitants screen. The Add Inhabitant screen. The third-party Charts framework was used to create beautiful and informative graphs of aquarium data. Whether plotting one line or ten, one week or one year - the graphing experience is maximized for all conditions. Original notes from the design process.
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My Fish Pal is a Swift iPhone app, written in XCode entirely by myself.

My Fish Pal is an iOS app designed to help aquarists keep track of their aquariums. Log and track inhabitants and equipment. Log water chemistry tests and view them on a graph over time. Keep track of tank cleanings, feedings, medications, additives, and so much more. My Fish Pal is a powerful tool for the aquarist to achieve the best conditions for their aquariums and their inhabitants.

Lessons learned and obstacles overcome

This was my first iPhone app, so obviously many challenges had to be overcome to go from idea to final product. Some of the notably complex challenges were managing an extensive Core Data model, creating historical graphs on the fly using a 3rd party charting framework, and handling navigation between many different screens within the app.