• iOS 9.3 and above
  • iPhone 5 and newer
Languages Used:
  • Swift 3
Software tools used:
  • XCode 8
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Garage Band
Technologies and concepts used:
  • SpriteKit
  • Animation
  • Particle emitters
  • Game Center
  • AV Foundation
  • Photoshop batch scripts
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The player is presented with a random image of a city skyline, along with random answers. Spritekit, animation, and particle emitters are used heavily throughout the game. A limited number of hints are available to the player.  The hints use the custom pop-up window class I coded to make creating windows a snap. The engaging Skylines intro scene.  Animations make it feel like a living world.  The music and sound effects, composed by myself using Garage Band, give it a fun feeling.
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Skylines is a game for iOS created with Swift and Spritekit in XCode. Everything from the coding to the graphics to the music and sound effects was created by myself in about two months.

In this enjoyable trivia game, you are presented with scenes of city skylines from across the world. Be a jet-setter and guess them all correct to fly around the world. Get them wrong and you might just lose your passports, and the game!

Lessons learned and obstacles overcome

Several lessons were learned while making Skylines - the most important being the handling of many different large graphic assets while keeping frame-rate high and memory usage to a minimum. In all, there were 109 high-definition skyline images, along with many other graphic assets being displayed on the screen. With my custom-written image slide-show algorithm, I was able to always only ever have two skyline images loaded in memory at the same time.

Another notable achievement is the creation of a custom window object that could be instantiated anywhere within the app with many different parameters.